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About Video Film

As a Cinematographer my services are personalized to capture your unique story.

I work closely with my clients to ensure that every detail is captured, from the big moments to the small ones. 

With a creative approach and technical know-how, from both camera work and editing,

it is possible to tell a story that provides a deeper understanding of your message.

// Lui Visbo

Clients I Work With

Emil Kruse | Alo Wala | Birds Happen | Nelson Can | Ali Kazim | Tobias Rahim | Suspekt

Red Bull | Kitchen One | Copenhagen Distillery | Verdensmålenes Plads | H&M
3 Business |
Copenhagen Grooming | DSA | SoKind  | Kvadrat | Tivoli | Meta

Holy Ravioli | Bates | Ocean | Story Lab

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